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Two hundred books

Simon Vestdijk published an impressive stream of short stories, novels, (music) essays, poetry and letters. The museum has a 'Vestdijk room' where first editions and artefacts relating to him and his place of birth are displayed.

The 'Vestdijk in Harlingen' walking-tour app guides you to sixteen places in the town that played an important role in the life of Simon and his literary character, alias alter ego, Anton Wachter

Traces of the early life of Simon Vestdijk (Harlingen 1898 - Utrecht 1971) can be found in 'Lahringen' as Vestdijk refers to Harlingen in his books. Directly opposite the museum is the house  where the novelist, poet, essayist, translator, music critic and doctor was born. Looking eastwards you can see a bronze statue of Vestdijk's alter ego Anton Wachter at the end of the street, a schoolboy with a satchel under his arm. The Vestdijk Room contains a copy of every book published by Vestdijk and you can hear the author reciting a poem about Harlingen,written for 'Stad aan de Wadden' (Town on the Wadden). Old photographs combined with quotes from his books about Harlingen give a portrait of the era in which the writer lived.


Gemeentemusem Het Hannemahuis

Center for Harlinger culture and history

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Gemeentemusem Het Hannemahuis