Talma's secret

An underground gin distillery

You can see museum pieces hanging on the wall or in glass cases. You can also try looking under the floorboards!

The 'Christoffel Alley' next to the museum was commonly known as 'Distillers Alley'. In the 18th and 19th centuries there was a gin distillery here. It would have been long forgotten were it not for the fact that curious gullies and curves were found under a floor during alterations to the building. The uncovering of the foundations of the distillery led to the discovery of its unique history, now brought to life in the museum. Merchant and distiller Jan Hannema mixed special herbs and spices in his gin. The exact recipe for the mixture was a well kept secret that he passed on to Sybrandt Talma before he died. You can now see and hear the whole story on location!


Gemeentemusem Het Hannemahuis

Center for Harlinger culture and history

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Gemeentemusem Het Hannemahuis